Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share


We are passionate about permaculture because it can help create happier, healthier, more sustainable communities, while having lots of fun on the way. We honour traditional indigenous management practices and its legacy to permaculture. Learning from real life processes, the kids will naturally discover the power of caring, compassion and connection. We root our teaching in community values, with service at the heart of the program. In caring for the environment, we strive to give back to the land that gives to us through caring for the soil, the animals, the water, the forests and each other.


– OUr vision –

We envision a future where every family has access to food grown in healthy, living soil. We hope for a culture in which everyone has an understanding of the way food and other products are made. We wish for a greater connection, with ourselves, each other, the planet and the products we consume. We imagine the bounty that comes with a more open dialogue about sustainability.


Earth is a living breathing being that supports every life form that contributes to the delicate balance of our ecosystem. With our respect, understanding and supportive action, our environment can flourish. We can live a healthy and balanced life on Earth for generations to come, if we come to understand each of the important ways in which the Earth replenishes itself. 


We envision a future where our communities support each other to become more self-reliant. Where we produce more of what we consume each day, we consume less than we do now and we cultivate better levels of overall wellbeing. Through working together we are able to achieve  much more, for our families, our communities and for the planet. 

– Our Mission –

Our mission is to create a deep and personal relationship between our children and the natural world. We aim to help children stay curious and gain confidence as they discover the natural world for themselves. The kids learn to cultivate a sense of reverence for the Earth and all of life. We want our children to be healthy, developing stamina through their activity and strengthening their immune system by breathing in lungfuls of fresh air. 

– Holistic Learning–

Our goal is to create a living curriculum that serves the needs of our children on a physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual level. We aim to facilitate environmental, social and cultural healing, but without restricting the children’s free thinking with strict concepts or ideals. Ours is an activism that works on a subtle level, by giving nature the opportunity to do the teaching for us, while promoting self-sufficiency and sustainability through education. 


We invite you to help us achieve this dream - Spread the word please