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Natural, Holistic and Fun Adventures

creating a deep and personal relationship between our children and the natural world

What we do !

Little Knapsack club is a child-led play and exploration in nature program for kids. The children learn to use their senses to experience the outdoor environment. Nature becomes their teacher in building sustainable relationships with the world around them.

Our heart is permaculture and we fallow the principles of Forest School. We are also inspired by Coyote Mentoring and Waldorf philosophies. We honour traditional indigenous management practices and its legacy to permaculture. The children are encouraged to participate through an emergent, child-directed and play-based curriculum. 





About US

We aim to facilitate environmental, social and cultural healing, without restricting the children’s free thinking with strict concepts or ideals.  Through fostering a connection with food, the seasons, animal care, the environment, local traditions and culture – The kids learn to cultivate a sense of reverence for the Earth and all of life. We help the children stay curious and gain confidence as they discover the natural world for themselves.  Our intent is to share the most powerful knowledge held within the teachings of our environment. 

Where we play !

We alternate and meet between Colony Farm Regional Park, Minnekhada Regional Park and a beautiful local Blueberry Farm which are on the ancestral, traditional and unceded Aboriginal territories of the of the Coast Salish people.

They are all peaceful nature sanctuaries. They provide an important wildlife habitat for many bird species and various animals. The network of quiet trails is a great place to watch for wildlife.  There are countless adventures to be had in the surrounding open fields, hedgerows and wetlands forest, marsh and rocky outcrops with the comfort of toilet facilities.


Children are born with a sense of wonder and an affinity for Nature. Properly cultivated, these values can mature into ecological literacy, and eventually into sustainable patterns of living.
— Zenobia Barlow, “Confluence of Streams”

Our goal is to create a living curriculum that serves the needs of our children on a physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual level. Ours is an activism that works on a subtle level, by giving nature the opportunity to do the teaching for us, while promoting self-sufficiency and sustainability through education.

Together we’ll learn to understand processes that support more sustainable ways of living such as growing our own food, the life cycle of plants, composting and waste reduction. Through learning about the importance of sustainable practices, the children will be encouraged to hold respect for all living things, to care for animals and to appreciate local traditions and culture.  


We eat from our garden ! The kids will know the native plants around the garden as they participate in growing and foraging food. They will  enjoy themselves, as long as they are properly dressed. The children will learn to compost and make herbal teas and remedies. They’ll witness bees pollinating flowers and they can have fun getting hands-on, dipping beeswax candles and harvesting food.

Their education will naturally emerge as we walk and play in nature, finding herbs, trees and wild animals. The children will discover their most natural state of being as they listen to the quiet sounds of the countryside - playing, laughing, running and relaxing. We cultivate and create space for children to process their inner world.



We play all year round, in all weathers.  We honour the seasonal cycles and celebrated festivals throughout the year. It renews our awareness to our relationship with the earth and its rhythms. We watch the cycle of the seasons through our plantings. As the seasons change, the landscape change, giving the children an opportunity to notice all the wonderful big and tiny changes in the environment.