I live and breathe my work. My teaching is rooted in the wisdom of my ancestors. I am continually learning how to cultivate a deeper connection to my European earth-based indigenous roots. I am also unlearning colonial ways, and committed to make reparations and honour the Coast Salish Peoples (xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), Stó:lō, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations) who have stewarded the land where I live and work since time immemorial.

I am a Forest School Practitioner, and my passion is Permaculture. I am grateful to have learned from incredibly generous mentors at the Institute of Permaculture Education for Children. I am always learning from the children, life and the land. I also have an ongoing journey of Nature Connection with the Wilderness Awareness School and the 8 shield model.

For a long time, I found myself becoming emotional about what was wrong in the world. I would give so much of my energy to stopping bad things from happening — things that harmed the environment and harmed us as human beings — and yet, so often, I was left with a sense of frustration.

When my daughter was born, though, I felt a different kind of passion arise. It felt like all of that energy was being transformed and channelled into something greater, a more positive force. I naturally started pouring all of myself into showing my daughter the beautiful world around her, just one moment at a time. I felt that same outpouring of energy as I spent time with other children mindfully interacting with nature. 

I have had an ongoing love affair with herbal medicine since I was a little girl. As a permaculture enthusiast and a lifelong wildlife lover, I drew inspiration from a trip to the Green School in Bali,Indonesia to create Little Knapsack Club.

With Little Knapsack, my devotion to help the world has found a joyful expression. Instead of focusing on what should be stopped, I find myself attending to what should be nurtured and cultivated. It feels like I am finally doing what I am meant to be doing.

I feel grounded, knowing that in each moment I have a clear purpose: to devote my love towards making the people around me… well, feel loved.



I am an educator and mentor in earth-based skills and ancestral ways. My family has been in the land that we now call Canada for five generations and I am grateful to be a settler, held in the arms of rivers, mountains, oceans, and deserts. I am a lover of wild places and my life is nourished by sharing in community, food, song, and story. As an ongoing student of Martin Prechtel’s, I am fascinated with the beauty and complexity of myth and it’s existence in the unfolding of our daily lives. I have had the honour of studying with the Animas Valley Institute, The Haven Institute, The Tracker School, and with my mentors Annie Bloom, Jade Sherer, and Florence Dedame. I have learned a tremendous amount about the natural world and human culture while being a Senior Instructor and Director at nature schools across Western Canada. The kids, families, and adults that I have worked with have touched my heart and each one leaves a lasting imprint that enriches the tapestry of my life. 

I am currently passionate about wildlife tracking and following the signs of animals across the land. To know that my feet are treading on ground where wolves, mountain lions, grizzly bears, and many more have tread, fills my whole being with awe. I believe in the wild animal and wild soul that lives in all of us. It is a life practice to follow the trail of that being in such a manner that one day, we might be so lucky as to catch a glimpse of their magnificent form. 




I am most passionate about connecting children with nature, sustainable food systems and animal welfare.I have been Chair of the Colony Farm Park Association for four years and has been activity organizing children 's program at the Park.

I possesses a BA in Environmental Studies and I am graduated from the Ecosystems Management Program.  I am currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Education. 

I work for the Provincial Health Services Authority and the PIPE UP Network. I volunteer with the Rivershed Society of BC and I am a graduate of their Sustainable Living Leadership program which involved paddling the 1400km length of the Fraser River. Most importantly, I am a mother to two young children :)








My nickname is Cease; my traditional Name is T’uy’t'tanat. I am a student of life, and I have chosen/been chosen by, the plant medicine world, to learn and utilize medicines for healing and strengthening. I have grown up with the Skwxwu7mesh Uximixw. I am Skwxwu7mesh, Sto:Lo, Hawaiian, and Swiss. 

I am an Ethnobotanist, Media Artist, Aboriginal Youth Worker and a dedicated food security activist.  I work collaboratively through writing, producing, directing and mentoring communities and individuals.  My work involves site-specific and culturally focused teaching with storytelling as means to sharing knowledge.

I have spent my teenage-hood to my adulthood researching and learning how to practice as much of my indigenous culture as I can. Reciprocity is invaluable to indigenous cultures. This is how I see my learning and teaching practice and discipline.


I love plants. I LOVE MAKING MEDICINES!  I love nature and all that we are gifted through Grandmother Nature and Grandfather Rocks. I spend most of my outdoor time in gardens and forests. I attribute my gardening skills to my family. My father is a master gardener, as were my Nahanee family ancestors. I work as an eco-tourist guide in the spring/summer/fall months in the local forests and waterways surrounding Vancouver.  I am a co-owner in a tea go pan called "Raven and Hummingbird Tea Co" with my daughter Senaqwila. 

Mother Earth is so important, and how easy it is for us all to live better by taking care of our collective home and Mother while taking care of ourselves. I encourage everyone I talk to, to grow some food, barter for some food, make art, compost. Please Learn everything you can try help the bees and other pollinators. 


 My passion is in the service of others and helping people find holistic solutions to well being and wholeness. 

I have been a herbal healing alchemist ever since I was old enough to play pretend I was a witch.  I have worked in the health food industry for over 17 years.  My interest in nutrition eventually evolved into the large scope of holistic medicine. I recently completed an Herbal and  Sustainable agricultural internship with Chanchal Cabrera on Innisfree Farm. During that time I dedicated myself to learning more modalities of healing with herbs, wildcrafting and food gathering being my highlight. 

I have a huge passion for organic gardening and sustainable agriculture. Sustainable living engenders consciousness in children that they are part of a life system that supports them. I believe that getting little ones re-connected to nature is crucial to the livelihood of generations to come. They are the future.

I finished a yoga teacher training at Karma Teachers and also finished a course geared at addictions and mental health, with Gabor Mate called  Beyond Addictions, yogic path to recovery.  I am grateful that Karma Teachers makes yoga accessible to those groups that might not otherwise have an opportunity to participate in yoga classes.

I am big on remaining curious and seeking as many adventures I can fit into this lifetime. Meeting new people and making the best of anywhere your're at is crucial to my happiness and wellbeing. I Love B.C. and all the hidden treasures it holds.  I am interested in learning more to benefit others and to carry healing to the communities I serve. I see every person as an extension of my family.